What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A political action committee a group organized to combine the contributions of many individuals for the purpose of spending those funds to elect candidates for public office.

What does the Texas Construction Association PAC (TCA PAC) do?

The Texas Construction Association PAC is organized primarily to make contributions to individuals running for the Texas Legislature. Contributions may also be made to Texas statewide candidates such as those for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Comptroller.

Why do specialty contractors and suppliers need a PAC?

The Texas Legislature is involved in your business. Its decisions affect the way you do your business every day. It passes or defeats laws involving your taxes, your tort liability, your contracts, your insurance protection, the roads you travel, the education of your workforce, and a myriad of other issues. In order to have a say in these issues, you have to be involved and your association must have the ability to make contributions to candidates who understand and support your issues. It is guaranteed that your opponents have a PAC and you be assured that they are not advancing your interests.

Who decided where the TCA PAC money goes?

The TCA staff provides information about the candidates to the TCA PAC Board. The Board is made up of PAC members who are specialty contractors and suppliers and ultimately determines which candidate to support. Factors considered include the candidate’s position on construction-industry issues, support by local specialty contractors and suppliers, and the candidate's ability to win.

Why should I contribute to the TCA PAC when I already make contributions to candidates?

The TCA PAC is able to pool the resources of numerous specialty contractors to have a greater impact than a single individual. Individual contributions are important, and TCA members are encouraged to continue making individual contributions, but the combined dollars of the PAC can have a greater impact on more races.

If I contribute to the TCA PAC, do I have a say in where the dollars go?

All contributors to the PAC can let the PAC Board know which candidates the contributor wants to support. Input from members is one of the criteria used to make decisions.

Are there limits on how much I can contribute?

There are no limits to how much an individual can contribute to the PAC; however, PAC contributions must be non-corporate dollars.

When should I make a contribution?

NOW!. Contributions to the PAC can be made at any time.

How do I become involved with the TCA PAC?

To contribute, click HERE. To become more involved with PAC activities, or for any other TCA PAC inquiries, you can contact Jennifer Fagan, Vice President – Governmental Affairs with the Texas Construction Association.